About Jopellis & How it all started


Welcome to the creative world of Jopellis!

I am hovering, surrounded by the scents of nature and wondering if this is reality. For me, this whole story is special. My love for the "natural" led me to study agricultural science, and the love of a wonderful man brought me to Sweden. And it is here that an ambitious girl makes her dreams come true.

Moving here expanded my perspectives and opened up many possibilities. I was fascinated by the natural beauty of Sweden and the Swedish care for the environment.

I grew up in Croatia, in the small city, but very familiar with agronomy because my parents and grandparents grew fruits, vegetables and various herbs in their gardens. I have always been fascinated by my grandmothers and their knowledge of nature and plants. Especially since they had no education of it, but they knew the herbs and their healing properties very well. And that knowledge has been passed down for generations in my family.

My interest and love for nature grew most during my studies. Even then, I made natural skin products myself, like body scrubs. Many ask me where the idea for all this came from. The idea started a long time ago, but while you are a student in Croatia you have no money to turn the idea into something bigger. By the time I moved to Sweden I was already established and with some money in my pocket. Also, my husband's great support and assistance led to the realization of the Jopellis story.

When the baby boom of my generation started, I wondered what to give to new mothers who have to avoid dangerous products, both during pregnancy and after. And so I gave them lip balms or a few scrubs. The reactions were more than good and this pushed me to widen my perspectives. I bought a lot of books and started my research.

When I first started making soaps (2 years ago), they were simple, organic and handmade in my small kitchen. These core values are something I never gave up on. I make my soaps with a cold process method, and in the traditional way which means that glycerin is not removed and at low temperatures all the healing properties of oils, butter, etc. remain in the soap. Glycerin is a natural ingredient that binds moisture to the skin, which means that your skin will not be tightened but nourished and smooth. I cannot and do not claim that my cosmetics "cure". I am not a doctor and I have no medical background but an agronomic one. But what I can say with certainty is that these products will improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Each of these products is handmade in small batches, which means that they are given a lot of attention to get you the highest quality product. My mission is to translate Croatian-Swedish love into products for most pampering bath rituals. In these products, you can find a lot of organic plants from my mom's garden in Croatia, homemade extra virgin olive oil from Mediterrane and plants from Sweden. Uncompromising quality and commitment are what I personally guarantee.

Thank you for being a part of the Jopellis family!



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